New webserver - speed, speed speeeeed! (2015-10-19)

Some of the people who played trAInsported way back in 2013 might remember server downtimes. This was because the server (and me as well) was overwhelmed by the responses we were getting. I used to run on a Raspberry Pi back then, having no other, more expensive webserver.

Time for change! With the new webserver, both the website and the game server should now be much more responsive. Since the new server is much more powerful, I'm considering to increase the map size for online matches. Let me know what you think in the forum.

Note that with this server change, the website can now also be reached via the slightly more professional germanunkol.de/trainsported.

You may also check out my other projects on germanunkol.de.
Looking forward to see your trAIns online!

New Version 5 available, Server Reboot (2015-06-16)

The current version 5 has been released and added to the download area.
This version runs with Löve 0.9.1 and features many bugfixes. Enjoy!

At this point I'd like to thank anyone who has given trAInsported a spin - there has been a lot of great feedback over the past few years!

I'd also like to thank all the translators. I was greatly surprised by how many people offered their help with the languages. You can currently play the game in English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Estonian!

Happy trAInsporting!

P.S. The server was down for a few days. This was due to a new router being installed which I didn't know about - sorry about that! It should be back up and running, if there are issues, let me know on github.

New Version 3 online! (2013-04-25)

The new version can now be downloaded. Changes include:

  • ai.init() now has ten times as many lines of code as the other functions (bugfix)
  • mapTime function has been added and ai.init() now gets the maximum number of trains passed.
  • Added language support! The first languages are already included, tutorials are being worked on. Help is much appreciated! Head over to gitHub for instructions on how to translate the game.

Get the new version in the download section.

Call for translaters... (2013-04-16)

Hey everyone, the game can now be translated. I need people who speak a language (other than english) well enough to be able to translate the game. There's instructions on how to do it on GitHub, please head over there for details! As always, if you have any question, just ask me on the forums.
When there is enough translations there, then I'll add them to the official game download.

Happy translating!

New point system (2013-04-16)

Some of you may have noticed that the point system changed.
I didn't like the previous "winner takes it all" system. Now, the second and third players get points as well:
AI that transported the most passengers: 3 points
Second AI: 2 points
Third AI: 1 point
This seems to be much fairer and the ranking is much more accurate now.

Another thing that changed: The Selection of AIs is now a little different: Only one of the picked AIs is selected according to the uploading time, all the other AIs are randomly selected from the database.

New user forum! (2013-04-11)

A forum has been created for the game.
Please use it for feedback, problem reporting and asking questions. Also, it would be awesome if some of you could share some code snippets or ideas and thoughts on the forum, or tipps and tricks for beginners!

Find the forum here.
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